Basic Room rate: $30/hr. or $250/day up to 10 hours

This includes access to the gear and the use of the room; you provide the engineer and producer.

*Just to be clear: to get this rate, you need to bring your own engineer. If not, you will not be able to record as we need to schedule the engineer's time at the time you book the room.

Rate with engineer: $50/hr. or $400/day up to 10 hours

This includes the room plus engineering services. You will get all your files and a basic mix-down to your usb drive or other preferred media.

Mixing: $100/track. For this price, you get a mix down that will be to a high standard; however it doesn't include unlimited revisions or mastering.

Mastering: Rates Vary. Please inquire.

Production: Rates Vary for basic beats to full on composing/arranging of songs

Beat making, session musicians, photo/video production, etc.